Programs and Practices   ·   Principles that We Follow   ·   Our Affiliation

WORSHIP: Our worship is intended to be a gift of praise to God and a time of growth and fellowship for those in attendance. The worship style reflects the diversity and gifts of our congregation.

SUNDAY SCHOOL: We have classes for all ages year-round. Our purpose for Christian education is to instruct individuals so they will grow in their relationship with God.

BIBLE STUDY: We offer two adult studies during the week on various topics. These are usually studies that involve prayer and praise as a part of the gathering.

AWANA: Awana is a children's Bible class for ages 3 through sixth grade. We participate in this ministry with Bismarck Baptist Church. It meets on Wednesday evening.

AMERICAN BAPTIST YOUTH (ABY): ABY is designed for youth in grades 7-12. It is intended for spiritual growth, fellowship, and fun. The group usually meets during the school year in the evening. They also do special projects, take part in state events with other churches, and participate in camping during the summer. The ABY also has a number of retreats throughout the year.

OTHER GROUPS: American Baptist Men and American Baptist Women are groups specifically designed to meet the spiritual needs of our members. The groups serve as a means of fellowship while also helping participants to grow in their relationship with God.

OUTREACH: We are dedicated to the support of local, national and international ministry opportunities. We take three special mission offerings each year to support the work.

CANNONBALL: Is a ministry to Native Americans that we are involved with. Two teams are a part of this ministry and go to Cannonball twice a month. They provide a program for children and also serve a meal.

ORDINANCES: We practice two ordinances: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

BAPTISM: Baptism is a public demonstration that we have received Christ as our Saviour, and we have accepted His forgiveness for our sins.

THE LORD’S SUPPER (Communion): Communion is a symbolic expression of Christ’s body and blood sacrificed for us. We celebrate this together each month to demonstrate that we are God’s church and therefore thankful for God’s gift of eternal life. All are welcome to participate.