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AUTHORITY OF THE BIBLE: The Bible is our authority for faith and practice. We do not adhere to a creed. We do not use a particular version or translation.

PERSONAL FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST: We believe each person comes to faith by asking for the forgiveness of sin, accepting Gods forgiveness and by asking Jesus Christ into their hearts as Lord and Saviour.

BELIEVERS BAPTISM BY IMMERSION: We believe baptism is a response to our personal faith in Christ. We do not baptize infants, we dedicate them to God. We dedicate the parents and the church to be examples to the child of the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ so when they are old enough, they will become believers themselves.

PRIESTHOOD OF ALL BELIEVERS: We believe all believers are servants of God and have direct access to God through scripture, prayer and worship.

EQUALITY: We believe there is no distinction between male and female, or race, in serving Christ.

LOCAL CHURCH AUTONOMY: We believe the ultimate authority of the church rests in the local congregation. We join with other American Baptist churches to provide mutual support and fund missions.

SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE: It is important to us to be free from government coercion. We believe that all religions and groups are free to practice their beliefs.

EVANGELISM: We have Good News to share! We have a passion for mission, evangelism and justice. We are bearers of the Gospel in our homes, communities and around the world. We agree that evangelism begins as we allow people to see Jesus as he lives and loves through our individual lives.